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Self-care programme 2022: 6. Drink


Welcome to Day 6 of 2022 and the opportunity to bring more love to your body and your life through the simple daily practice of self-care.

Today is a moment on drink.

Practising self-care is not a time-consuming chore, but a way of being with yourself that cherishes the precious body that you have and the beautiful being it enhouses … so enjoy the process of developing this practice! It will revitalise you and bring a sense of lightness and joy to your body and being that you may not have felt for a while.

This year we are offering the space to (re)learn tools that take little time or effort, that don’t require you to go anywhere or do anything new, but which enrich the quality of the life you already live.

Each day for seven days we will offer a short introduction, some questions to reflect on, a short audio to listen to and an article to read … a few minutes of your day for just a week, which may well change the way you feel about yourself and life and ignite you for the year to come.

  1. Stop

  2. Breathe

  3. Be in your Body

  4. Move

  5. Eat

  6. Drink

    Our bodies are largely water. We start off in life as about 90% water and progressively dehydrate until we die. We are designed to drink fresh clean water to keep ourselves hydrated and not much else, but how many of us do that? How many of us live on juice, soft drinks (sodas) coffee and alcohol? And why? And does drinking these drinks instead of water affect our health, wellbeing and longevity?

    Re-imprinting our relationship with drink requires us to first build a relationship with our bodies, so we have a marker in our bodies of what feels true and what does not. This starts with a stop, breathing gently, being in our body, going for a walk and building a relationship with our body so that we are more able to feel the difference that each food makes when we eat it and each drink makes when we drink it.

    We think we love our sugary drinks and our coffee and our alcohol, but do we love them or do we need them?

    Being absolutely honest with what we drink, when we drink it, how we drink it and why, is the start of building a loving relationship with our bodies and what we put into them.


    Audio to listen to: Self-care moments: Drinking


    What do you drink?

    When do you drink it?

    How do you drink it?


    How does your body feel before, during and after each drink?

    Do you even want to go here?!


    Articles to read:

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