Comments Policy

This website is for all doctors, and indeed all people. We encourage comments on the blogs and discussion between people.

We understand that many doctors feel unable to put their name to public comments, and we are happy to publish anonymous comments, for this is a forum for us to support each other to learn to express the truth.

The truth is always loving. It may be strong and confronting at times, but it is never at the expense of another. We reserve the right to not publish comments which are destructive, insulting, or simply put another person or point of view down. If you disagree with anything that is expressed here, by all means feel free to say so, but in a manner that is not personal, that addresses the subject, without demeaning the person expressing it.

The culture of medicine has long been one of competition, at the expense of each other and the whole. The time has come for us to develop a culture of mutual respect, of collaboration, and of supporting ourselves and each other to be open and transparent.

Let these comments be an opportunity to return to the Socratic form of dialogue, where each comment builds on the next, and together, we may grow in understanding and wisdom.

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