Self care Moments 10 way back

Self-care moments: Walking – our way back


Hi, this is Anne Malatt with self-care moments and this is a moment on walking.

When we walk, we move our whole body. How do we move it?

Are we consciously present with the whole, with our mind aligned to what our body is doing?

Or are we unconscious, our minds elsewhere, allowing our body to be moved for us, to the beat of whatever drum is around?

Walking can be a way to restore our connection with our bodies and our beings. If we walk with presence, focussing on the flow of our breath, the movement of our feet, the swing of our arms and shoulders and hips, the feeling of energy flowing up and down our spine, we can bring ourselves back from wherever our heads have been and back into our physical body, which brings us into line with our whole being.

Our bodies are made of the particles of the universe, and when we walk with presence, focussed on our bodies, we are aligned with our particles, our pieces of the whole. We can then walk in rhythm with the whole, with the universe we live in and everyone and everything in it.

Walking in this way can be deeply energising and if we are feeling tired, walking can actually restore, refresh and reignite us. It does not have to be pushed or forced, just walking in our own rhythm and enjoying the feeling of being in our bodies, can bring us out of our heads and back into our bodies, where everything is known and everyone is one.


  1. I have just awoken following a cracker day on the wards yesterday, reaching over 11 1/2+ hours with only 10 minutes rest break. Physically, I feel quite tired. Everything about me was asking for a walk, but my head convinced me that laying down would give me better rest. However, I fell for this trick yesterday, and found that I was more tired at the end of the day than I would usually be. I always find that attending to exercise prior to any shift at work sharpens my focus, enlivens my being, and enriches my body. It is off for a walk I go!


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