Self care Moments 14 getting ready

Self-care moments: Getting ready for the day


Hi, this is Anne Malatt with self-care moments and this is a moment on getting ready for the day.

The way we get ready for the day imprints our body, the whole day and everyone we meet in it.

Do we get ourselves ready in deep appreciation of this fact?

The way we wash, dress, what we choose to wear and why, the time and care we take with our personal appearance, all affect the way we feel in our bodies and the reflection we offer to everyone we meet.

We all know if our friends, family or colleagues are having a good day or a bad day because the way they have prepared themselves for the day reflects this, and the same applies to us.

Do we get ourselves ready for the day knowing we are offering the world a reflection of what it means to live in a human body and care deeply for it, knowing that we are more than merely human but that caring for this body is vital, as this body is a vessel for the energy of love to come through and a conduit for the whole universe?

And do we prepare ourselves with that same love, not just for us but to allow that love to flow through us and out to everyone we meet?

Take a moment today to prepare yourself with all the love and care that you are, knowing that you are doing it not just for you, but for everyone you meet. It is not about creating physical perfection, just about taking deep care. The ripples of you preparing you with love and care will flow out from you, to bless everyone around you, as you move through the day.


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