Self care Moments 12 conversation

Self-care moments: Conversation


Hi this is Anne Malatt with self-care moments and this is a moment on conversation.

We spend a lot of our lives in conversation, talking to and about each other and life – what is the quality of that conversation and is this even something that we consider?

Most conversation is circulation energy – we talk about the weather, what we have been doing, what other people are doing, what we hear or see or read in the media, and circulate it around to each other. The media itself is a medium for circulation energy, repeating what has been seen or heard, over and over again, with less and less care for sharing what is true, and more and more with an agenda of getting our attention and inciting a reaction.

And the same is true for conversation. Much of the conversation that circulates is really gossip and lies, and is repetitive, separative, divisive, puts some people down and others up, creates conflict, disharmony, chaos, fear, sadness and other emotional reactions.

So how do we discern what is true and how do we determine the quality of something before deciding whether we should make it part of our conversation?

Communication is a vibration, and the universe is constantly communicating to us.

The universe communicates with the qualities of love, truth, joy, harmony and stillness and these qualities can be deeply felt. Does our communication hold this same vibration? The vibration of the universe is confirming, expanding and unifying. It holds everyone as its equal and everyone as equal to each other. It knows that we are all in essence those same qualities of love, truth, joy, harmony and stillness and communicates with us knowing this.

If we too communicate with this vibration, we hold each other as our equals. We never put each other down, but we pull people up, holding them in love as we offer them space to be that same love. We share with each other how we are and what is going on, but don’t speak ill of ourselves or of anyone else. If something needs to be addressed, we do so, but first in the knowing that the other person is in essence love and holding them in that love while we sort out anything that may have come between us that is not that same quality of love.

This vibration knows that everything is energy and that we are energetic beings as well as physical, expressing energy through our physical bodies that is either aligned to the truth of the universe, or it is not. And if it is not, we don’t take it personally, but address the energy that is not loving, while knowing the person it is coming through, is in essence love.

When we communicate in this way, we celebrate and appreciate each other and all that life offers us. We grow and expand with each other and our relationships become deeper and more intimate. Life becomes joyful and every meeting with another person is an opportunity to learn and grow together.

The word ‘converse’ means ‘to sing with’, so when we converse in this way we are singing with each other, and our conversation is singing the one song, the song of the universe.


  1. Appreciate the conversation Audio by Dr Anne Malatt, so reassuring that we don’t need to be part of the ongoing diatribe of competitive speech. Holding another as equal in conversation being the simplest expression of love.


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