About Dr Anne Malatt

Dr Anne Malatt founder of To Medicine With Love

Anne was born in India, to parents who were doctors, one of whom delivered her (the other was also present!). She was raised in Australia from an early age, but the experience of being ‘different’ has always made her acutely observant of people, and keenly aware of injustice and inequality.

She has been a doctor for over 30 years and an eye surgeon, in both public and private practice, for 25 years. She loves her work, her patients, and teaching, and enjoys training general practitioners, eye registrars, medical students, and nursing staff, as well as helping her patients to learn more about their eyes and how to care for them. All this stems from her great love of people, and of medicine.

Anne’s life is wonderful now, but it has not been without its challenges. She faced the bullying, discrimination and harassment in surgery that have been exposed in recent years, and faced her own personal demons of alcohol, anxiety and depression in her younger days, so she knows how it feels to be caught in the ‘struggle’ of life.

She also knows how to deal with those problems in a way that takes the focus off ‘the problem’ and onto the whole person, in the setting of their whole life, and that restores true health, wholeness and well-being.

Anne feels great joy in being able to share her lived experience and wisdom, that others too may find their way home.

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