Photo of Anne Malatt by Clayton Lloyd for article by Dr Anne Malatt on Why don't women lead the way?

Why aren’t women leading the way?

- Photography by Clayton Lloyd

Women are natural leaders. We lead by example, by reflection and by virtue of the fact we have an innate wisdom in our bodies that we are deeply connected to. So why aren’t women leading the way in life?

For way too long now, we have allowed the intellect to dominate us, allowed the mind to dominate the body, and submitted our bodies and our wills to the patriarchal ruling paradigm of the day.

It seems that this has suited us…for why else would we do it, given how powerful we are? We can blame men for the state of the world, for the state of our relationships, for the ruination of our bodies and our lives…but where is our responsibility in all this?

By virtue of the fact that we ovulate and menstruate every month, our bodies have the opportunity to clear the ills we have taken on in the previous cycle, and our womanly bodies can be lighter and clearer than those of our menfolk. And the cycles of our bodies connect us to the cycles of life. This allows us to be more deeply connected with the innate wisdom that lives within these precious bodies of ours, a wisdom that is far wiser than any mental constructs we can devise.

But we have allowed this wisdom, that lives within our bodies, to be overruled, and have deferred our innate knowing to the ruling belief system of the day.

What is the price we have all paid for this?

Our world is in chaos and decline. Our structures such as health care, welfare and education are no longer based on care for people, but on economic bottom lines. Despite all our technological advances, we are on the whole becoming fatter, sicker and more miserable as a race of people. We are always at war – with other countries, other people and with ourselves.

We live in a way that pays scant regard to the bodies we live in and the planet we live on.

And all to our great detriment.

For too long women have complained about being oppressed, and overridden and downtrodden, but what is our part in all this? For we are the ones who raise the boys who become the men who become the oppressors.

Playing victim and playing small does not suit us. We are powerful beyond measure, and pretending to be weak and meek, when we are not. For men live in fear of being rejected by us, and most design their whole lives trying to avoid this catastrophe.

Our way forward is not to turn the tables and oppress and abuse them back…God knows there has been enough of that.

We have to be the bigger people, not by standing over men, but by expanding back into the fullness of who we are and embracing them in full.

For when we are who we truly are, and live the gorgeous fullness of that, our men melt. And in that surrender, there is the opportunity for them to be who they truly are too.

All we truly want is to feel free to be ourselves, and for others to be themselves in full.

The time has come for women to embrace the power that lives within, to expand into it, to deeply appreciate ourselves and each other, and to hold our men in all the love that we are and give them permission to be the gorgeous, tender, loving sensitive beings that men innately are.

For when women are women, we lead the way, home to the truth of who we all are.






  1. An article with clarity where we women stand and what we can bring. Yes, it seems we are at war with our bodies, which we override and overrule. It is time to let the body lead and embrace the power which comes from within.


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