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Grace Under Pressure – Medicine in the Spotlight

Last night, together with our students and some staff we read the play Grace under Pressure. This is a powerful verbatim theatre work by David Williams and Paul Dwyer,...

Nurturing Nature

Yesterday I went out kayaking with my daughter. It was an experience that I have always found uplifting to the mood and joyful to my heart. We go to...

Can we truly care for other people without caring for ourselves?

I used to think I was a clever person, but the way I lived my life when I was younger was not so clever, as I did not care...

Coffee: Do I love it, or do I need it?

I used to love coffee. I would drink six double shots of it every day. This was instant coffee, back in the day, before everyone had an espresso machine...

Wounded healers

It’s a late Friday evening in New York and Dr Michael Myers is finishing up the paperwork for his last patient as he takes my call from Sydney. It’s...

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