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lonely tree for article on true resilience by Dr Anne Malatt

True Resilience

The key to developing true resilience is to care for ourselves and restore our sense of innate wholeness and worth, learning to love and appreciate ourselves just for who we are and to honour our innate sensitivity, letting the wisdom of our body guide our way, each and every day.
photo of Dr Maxine Szramka

Do we really need our doctors to be resilient?

When we think of the word ‘resilience’ it conjures up certain meanings, i.e. that no matter what is thrown at you, you can ‘handle it’. That you are tough...
Photo of Dr Eunice Minford for article by Dr Eunice Minford on The Fragmentation of Medicine

Resilient Doctors – tough & strong or sensitive & caring?

‘Resilience’ is the latest buzz word and ‘must have’ training for doctors. The General Medical Council in the UK wants ‘emotional resilience’ training for medical students so that tomorrow’s...

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