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food for blog Self-care programme 2022: 5. Eat by Dr Anne Malatt

Self-care programme 2022: 5. Eat

Welcome to 2022 and the opportunity to bring more love to your body and your life through the simple daily practice of self-care. Today is a moment to eat ... But what, and why?
Self care Moments 9 eating

Self-care moments: Eating

I love eating food and always have. I have come to understand that there is a purpose to food beyond stimulating and satisfying the senses.
Photo of green leafy vegetables for article on the purpose of food by Dr Anne Malatt

The purpose of food: to satisfy the senses or to nourish...

I recently read an article on the use of food as medicine in cancer patients … it was complicated and left me feeling confused, when I had not been...

Food is medicine, so why do doctors know so little about...

I am a doctor and everything I know about food that is worth knowing, I learnt somewhere other than medical school. We learn so much in medical school, but...

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