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To the light by Alan Johnston for article by Dr Anne Malatt on LIfe as a country doctor

Life as a country doctor

I attended a function last night in the town where I live and work, at which we hosted our young doctors and talked to them about life as a...
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Diary of a Doctor’s Wife

These moments have taught me to become adaptable and go with the flow. My own solid rhythm is paramount these days, otherwise disappointment and frustration come knocking. Trust me, I have tried to control it and wanted it to be another way and it doesn’t work.
Photo of pink rose for article by 'A Doctor's' Wife'

A Dance

My husband often works at the hospital at night and so as the saying goes, we are two ships passing, living a dance where we meet for moments. I...

Physician Heal Thyself: What Medical Training and the Body have taught...

While it would be nice to pretend otherwise, I did not embark on a career in medicine for altruistic reasons, to earn a good wage or even to gain...

Self-care when the doctor is the patient

It is well known that doctors generally make terrible patients. We self-diagnose, self-treat, delay getting help from an appropriately trained person who is not us, and when we do,...

Dr: Do two little letters define you?

Have you ever stopped to consider who you are or what defines you? Is your self-worth or self-esteem wrapped up in those two little letters ‘Dr’? How would you feel if...
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The importance of having your own doctor – even when you...

As doctors, we have a tendency to diagnose and treat ourselves when we become ill, which is understandable, but this can get us into awful trouble, and we cannot...

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