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photo of rose by Anne Malatt for article by Dr Anne Malatt on why do patients withhold information from their doctors

Why half our patients don’t tell their doctors life-threatening details

I recently read an article stating that nearly half of patients who were surveyed online admitted they don’t tell doctors potentially life-threatening details of their history. This figure may...

The power of communication in medicine

Medicine has a language all of its own – a combination of Ancient Greek, Latin, people’s names, made-up words and acronyms – but what is the purpose of that...
Photo of Dr Michael Myers for article by Dr Michael Myers on physician suicide awareness day

A Touching New York Story

This piece is a departure from my usual missives on physician health and suicide. I want to share an experience I’m sure many readers have had, perhaps in a...

The Nocebo Effect

I read an article (1) recently on the nocebo effect, which is the opposite of the placebo effect. When a person expects a side-effect of a medication or treatment,...
photo of cave by Joshua Sortino for article by Dr Jane Barker on The Power of Communication

The Power of Communication – It may Heal or Harm

In the past weeks many of us watched the real life drama of the cave rescue in Thailand. The International team, who had never worked together, achieved what seemed...

Compassion, empathy and sympathy – what do they truly mean?

As a profession, medicine is beginning to be aware that we must care for the whole person, if we are to truly practise the art and science of our...
Baby elephant ears for article on Listening by Dr Jane Barker

Listening with heart

  “Listen to your patient; he is telling you the diagnosis.” William Osler Listening is an art and in clinical practice its value cannot be over emphasised. Learning to listen fully with...

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