Dr Michael Myers

Michael was born in Canada and grew up always wanting to be a doctor. Only a few months into medical school, in the fall of 1962, his life was jarred by the suicide death of one of his 3 medical student room-mates. Bill's tragic death not only propelled him into psychiatry but also into becoming a specialist in physician health and a "doctors' doctor." He treated his first physician-patient on Christmas day 1970 and since then has cared for close to 1000 medical students and physicians. Now retired from private practice, he continues to teach medical students and residents about the many psychological and sociocultural aspects of medicine at SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York. Writing is his passion - some would say "addiction." Most of his books and scholarly works are for and about physicians and their families. He is very committed to recapturing and embracing the humanism of medicine. He can be reached via his website: www.michaelfmyers.com.
Photo of Dr Michael Myers for article by Dr Michael Myers on physician suicide awareness day

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