Dr Anne Malatt

Anne has been a doctor for over 30 years and an eye surgeon for 25 years. She loves her work, her patients, teaching and writing, for she loves people and life. Anne feels great joy in being able to share her lived experience and wisdom, that other people may learn and grow too.

Evidence based medicine: what is the evidence?

Medicine today prides itself on being evidence based, meaning that our practice is not random or whimsical, but scientific, based on treatments that have been tried and tested in...

“Physician, heal thyself” does not mean treat yourself

 “Physician, heal thyself” The Bible, Luke 4.23 (King James Version). We as doctors are fond of treating ourselves, citing the old proverb, “Physician, heal thyself” as our justification. But ‘heal thyself’...
Photo of ambulance for article by Dr Anne Malatt on Dealing with the tension of being on call

Dealing with the tension of being on call

I always found it really stressful to be on call for emergencies, until I learned a different way to deal with the tension of being on call. Working ridiculous hours We...
Photo of Anne Malatt by Clayton Lloyd for article by Dr Anne Malatt on Why don't women lead the way?

Why aren’t women leading the way?

Women are natural leaders. We lead by example, by reflection and by virtue of the fact we have an innate wisdom in our bodies that we are deeply connected...

Whose role model are you?

We are all role models in life. We watch each other, look to each other, for guidance when learning how to do things in life and how to be in...
Photo of red wine and log fire for article by Dr Anne Malatt on 'What else can I do if I feel like I need a drink?'

What else can I do if I feel like I need...

I used to drink a lot of alcohol, and when I say a lot, I mean a bottle or two of wine a day, not just a glass or...
Photo by Alan Johnston for article by Dr Anne Malatt on Being Part of the System

Being part of the ‘system’

We are all part of the ‘system’. In truth, we are part of several living systems, which form a complete and interconnected whole. As doctors, we have been trained to...
Photo by Alan Johnston for article by Dr Anne Malatt on Taking time off

Taking time off

Many of us are counting down the days to Christmas and the end of the year, and the only thing that is keeping us going is the thought of...
Photo of women at Australian Women of Medicine conference for article by Dr Anne Malatt on Women of Medicine

Women of Medicine – can we change the world?

I recently attended the inaugural conference of Australian Women of Medicine, in Melbourne on 26 November 2017. It was a wonderful day, and I trust it will be the...
Medical Education Fragmenting

Medical education – stop fragmenting it further and restore it to...

THERE has recently been a move to bring medical education under a centralised umbrella.(1) With this comes a move to increase the powers of the Australian Health Practitioner Registration...

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