Dr Jane Barker

Jane has been qualified for over 40 years now, having trained in paediatrics and general practice psychiatry, and now works as a medical educator. Her passion is to bring love back into medicine, to make medicine a more compassionate profession, both for patients and the people who care for them.
The sun rises and sets for an article by Dr Jane Barker on Dying at Home

Dying at home – the last gift a doctor can give...

Yesterday I sat with my friend of 30 years in her garden, marvelling at the beauty of a deep royal red geranium. She has an artist’s understanding of colours...

Compliance – should we look at it in a different way?

As medical knowledge expands exponentially, it becomes increasingly apparent how little we actually know about the miracle that is the human body. In medical school we are taught by a...
Bullying In Medicine

Bullying – Alive and Well in Medicine

In 2015 Dr. Gabriele McMullin, a vascular surgeon, went public with stories of the bullying she had experienced as a surgical trainee, and bullying that is still being experienced...
Doctor Jane Barker

Flaws in the System are Killing Young Doctors

In February this year a young Sydney doctor wrote: “In the year it has taken to complete my training as a junior doctor 3 of my colleagues have killed themselves....
medical student

Does medical school need to be so stressful?

There is an unacceptably high level of stress amongst medical students and we know that this increases before exams and assignments. Does medical school need to be so stressful? We...

Role Modelling ­– A Powerful Tool in Medical Education

Role modelling is seen as an essential component of medical education. It has been nominated as our most powerful tool. Central to the experience of learners in this complex and...
an overwhelming matrix symbolising anxiety

Anxiety disorders amongst doctors – the elephant in the room?

In my early teens, when on a walking safari, we were charged by an elephant. We lived then in Zambia and this family trip was faithfully recorded on my mum’s...

Adding Love to Medical Care

Just as "a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down" so a teaspoon of love added to medical care makes all the difference to healing. Well-developed communication skills are...
a moonflower symbolising the delicate beauty of a woman

Women at the heart of medicine

With gender equity in medical schools, women are very definitely at the heart of Medicine where they always should have been. The question remains, however, have they been able...
A delicate waterlily symbolising a woman

The Qualities Women Bring To Medicine That We Can All Learn...

In late 2016, a landmark paper was published in The Journal of the American Medical Association.(1) A study of around 1,600,000 urgent medical admissions of older people, for a...

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