Dr Jane Barker

Jane has been qualified for over 40 years now, having trained in paediatrics and general practice psychiatry, and now works as a medical educator. Her passion is to bring love back into medicine, to make medicine a more compassionate profession, both for patients and the people who care for them.
Photo by Jane Barker for article by Dr Jane Barker on Examining our own Reactions

Examining our own reactions

Over the span of my career and in my own experience as a patient, on the receiving end of medicine, it has become more apparent to me that when...
glass of red wine for article on alcohol by Dr Jane Barker

Alcohol – a healthy pleasure or a menace to health?

This article is written in response to a recent report on Alcohol and Cancer published by the American Society of Clinical Oncology and asks whether we, as physicians, have...
Photograph of Magnolia by Alan Johnston for article by Dr Jane Barker on the Physician's Pledge

First Do No Self-harm – The New “Physician’s Pledge”

Last week I met up with a newly graduated medical student whom I had mentored during his training. He had missed the award ceremony for his medical degree for...
Windmill at sunset for article by Dr Jane Barker on When you have made an error of judgement

When you have made an error of judgement

There is much room for human error in the practice of Medicine. The figures suggest that it is not uncommon, yet when you personally make that error it feels...
Baby elephant ears for article on Listening by Dr Jane Barker

Listening with heart

  “Listen to your patient; he is telling you the diagnosis.” William Osler Listening is an art and in clinical practice its value cannot be over emphasised. Learning to listen fully with...

The Stresses of Being a Medical Student

We demand much of our medical students and junior doctors. We currently train them in an environment that is stressful – competitive, harsh and overwhelming for them at times....
Painting of platypus by Dr Jane Barker for article on My Teacher, the Platypus by Dr Jane Barker

My teacher, the platypus

In a very special moment, on my daughter Kate’s birthday, we stood in stillness together by the river bank on our small farm, silently asking, and not one, but...


Once again, Australian state parliaments are debating the issue of euthanasia – this time in Victoria and NSW. If the legislation is passed in Victoria, it is expected that...
Dr Anne Malatt & Dr Jane Barker hand in hand - photo by Alan Johnston - for article on Relationships in Medicine

Medicine is about relationships, for Medicine is about people

That Medicine is first and foremost about people, about relationships, is something which may be forgotten in the overwhelm of evidence-based practice and protocols, but the strength of these...
pills & money for article on doctors & pharmaceutical companies by Dr Jane Barker

Doctors and Pharmaceutical Companies – can we co-exist in an ethical...

We would all agree that Medicine is about caring, about alleviating suffering. At its best, it has been renowned for its morality, its ethics, and its compassion. How do...

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