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Photo of Dr Jane Barker with children in PNG for article on Pneumonia - the most lethal killer of children

Pneumonia: the most lethal killer of children

Does medicine come with global responsibility? I believe that, at the very least, we should be willing to speak out against inequities in medical care, such as childhood deaths...
Photo by Jane Barker for article by Dr Jane Barker on Examining our own Reactions

Examining our own reactions

Over the span of my career and in my own experience as a patient, on the receiving end of medicine, it has become more apparent to me that when...
Photo of red wine and log fire for article by Dr Anne Malatt on 'What else can I do if I feel like I need a drink?'

What else can I do if I feel like I need...

I used to drink a lot of alcohol, and when I say a lot, I mean a bottle or two of wine a day, not just a glass or...

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