About Dr Jane Barker

Dr Jane Barker

Jane was born in Zambia, the second of five children, whose parents were teachers. From living in Africa, she developed a global perspective on life and health care. She wanted to be a doctor from when she was a little girl, and she feels very blessed that she has never questioned this choice.

She has been qualified for over 40 years now, having trained in paediatrics and general practice psychiatry. She worked in England, New Zealand, Africa and in New Guinea, where she met her husband. After the birth of her second child, she settled in Australia in general practice. The car broke down in Broken Head and she has stayed in the Northern Rivers region ever since.

Her passion is to bring love back into medicine, to make medicine a more compassionate profession, both for patients and the people who care for them.

Now, towards the end of her career, she works as a medical educator, bringing her love and wisdom to her students, and is inspired to see the same joy and enthusiasm she has felt, in the young students she mentors.

She knows there is a way to support them to keep that light burning in their eyes, and this is her purpose in this website.

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